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A5 Aquatics - Opening Hours View Current Livestock

Welcome to A5 Aquatics, Nuneaton

A5 Aquatics is beautifully located in 3 acres of open countryside on the edge of Nuneaton, Warwickshire and was opened in 1984 by the present owners. In that time the business has grown from one small building to a large aquatic superstore with indoor display areas of over 11,000 sq. ft. A5 Aquatics also has a large outdoor display area and parking for over 90 cars.

At A5 Aquatics our aim is to stock everything that any fish keeper will ever need, from the hobbyist with a small gold fish tank to the enthusiast with a large reef aquarium; from the people with small wild life pond to the koi keepers with the largest koi pool and everyone in between.

Live Stock

We have livestock shipments arriving directly from suppliers all over the world on a weekly basis meaning we can offer a large selection of high quality fish on display in our purpose built fish tanks which make for great viewing.

Our tropical/ marine room as has 300 clean and well maintained fish tanks displaying over 400 species of fish from the bread and butter species to the oddballs.

In addition to this, our cold water fish room has over 75 tanks stocked with many different species of fish including a large selection of Koi carp upto 30”, Gold fish, Tench, Orfe, Rudd, Shubunkins and Sturgeon up to 48 inches.

For further information on our current stocks of live fish please click here to view the stock list.

Dry Goods

Whatever type of fish you keep you should be able to find what you are looking for at A5 Aquatics. Please feel free to take your time browsing over our extensive range of aquatic dry goods. We stock over 15000 solely aquatic lines and therefore we are confident that we cover most of the requirements any fish keeper could ever want.

At A5 Aquatics we also have a dedicated aquarium and cabinet room were we stock a large selection of aquariums and cabinets and are able to offer the very latest ranges from leading brands which are all on display at massively discounted prices.

We also have a large outdoor department where you can find everything you’ll need for creating or building your garden ponds. We have on show over 100 different types of preformed ponds and waterfalls as well as having a wide range of pond plants and accessories.

For further information on what products we keep in stock please click here.

At A5 Aquatics we recognise not only the importance of offering a wide variety of stock at very competitive prices but also the advice that we offer to our customers. We have 10 full-time staff all with extensive product knowledge and many years of hands on experience keeping most kinds of fish who will be happy to advise you on everything aquatic.

We believe that A5 Aquatics really does stand out from the crowd giving you an exceptional amount of choice and expertise along with excellent and affordable prices.

Why not take the time to come and visit and take a look for yourself. We are conveniently located on the A5 on the Watling Street in between Nuneaton and Coventry. Finding us could not be easier please click here for further information.